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Ultra-Modern, Modular Living Pods, UK – Discover the Future of Sustainable Living.

Escape the mundane and embrace the extraordinary – with Vessel Pods as your base camp, the world becomes your playground, limited only by your imagination. Welcome to your new home.

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About Vessel International

Vessel International

We are providers of cutting-edge,luxury living pods- a revolutionary approach to sustainable living. At Vessel Pods, we are the complete answer to the unique market needs for both commercial and residential requirements. Our living pods are crafted with the highest standards of technology, materials and safety, setting new benchmarks in the modern world of housing.

Modular Homes and Cabins

Homes of the Future the Vessel Way

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Excellence in Craftsmanship - Embrace the Vessel Pod Lifestyle

At Vessel Pods, we prioritise excellence in every step of the manufacturing process. Our skilled partners, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, meticulously craft each luxury home pod with precision and care. Utilising a sturdy steel structure and sleek aluminium skin, our Vessel Pods boast durability and a modern aesthetic.
Fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency, our pods come equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, heating systems, and air conditioning, ensuring your comfort in any season. Embracing the concept of smart living, our Vessel Pods are designed with integrated smart control systems, providing seamless control over various features.
From the moment your Vessel Pod is delivered, it’s ready to use, offering you a hassle-free luxury home that is stylish, functional, and environmentally conscious. Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation as we bring you the finest pod homes, redefining the concept of modern living.

Explore Endless Investment & Rental Possibilities With Vessel Pods

Our versatile pods offer rental opportunities that serve as unique and adaptable living spaces. Additionally, they find utility on construction sites, providing on-site living security. Schools also benefit from their multi-purpose use, from classrooms and workspaces, also:

Guesthouses and Airbnb

Unlock the potential for lucrative returns by investing in guesthouses or Airbnb properties. Vessel Pods' stylish and sustainable designs are sure to attract guests seeking a unique and eco-friendly experience.

Unique Rentals and Accommodation

Maximise your investment with Vessel Pods' rental properties. Our modern and functional homes are perfect for long-termtenants, offering them the best inluxury and sustainable living.

Small Business Office

Create a professional and eco-conscious workspace with Vessel Pods' small business office models. Set new standards of innovation and sustainability for your company.

Link New and Old

Bridge the gap by architecturally linking modern Vessel Pods to older properties. Boost property appeal and value with our ultra-modernliving pods.

Redefine the Way You Invest in Sustainable Living With Vessel Pods