Vessel E7

Step into a masterpiece of modern engineering with Model E7. This state-of-the-art vessel pod is equipped with cutting-edge construction materials to ensure unparalleled comfort and durability for 2-4 people.

Product Model: VESSEL E7

Product Size: Length 11500mm, Width 3300mm, Height 3200mm

Area:  38.0㎡

Capacity of the Room: Two – Four Persons

Product Rated Power: 15KW / 19KW (with heating floor)

Total Weight: 10.5 Tons


Product External Composition

1. Galvanized steel structural frame

2. Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum alloy housing

3. Insulation and waterproof construction system

4. Hollow tempered glass doors and windows

5. Hollow laminated glass skylight

6. Stainless steel entry door


8. Viewing balcony

Intelligent Control System

1. Insert card for power

2. Multi-scenario mode switch

3. Intelligent lighting control switch

4. Intelligent access control system

Product Interior Composition

1. Integrated ceiling/Wall composition module

2. Eco-friendly floor

3. Opaque glass door to bathroom

4. Bathroom marble tile/ceramic tile floor

5. Bathroom sink/Basin/Vanity mirror

6. Closestool/Shower facilities

7. Lighting System

8. Water supply and sewage facilities/Electric system

9. Blackout curtains with standard color

10. 2 hp heating and cooling air conditioner

11. 80 liter electric water heater

Product Accessories

1. Foot support of product

2. Lifting ring

3. Fixtures for transportation

4. Product packaging

Customized Furniture

1. Customized lockers

More Advanced Thermal Insulation

1. *Water supply pipe insulation system

2. *Thickened thermal insulation layer

3. *Bath heater (including lighting, ventilation, heating)

4. *Electric floor heating


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